Born in Miami in 1978. Alex Deranged is a self taught artist currently residing in Tampa, Fl.  His works are collected both locally and internationally.


“Art to me is an outlet, a form of therapy that releases tension while in a state of introspection. My mind is filled with too many thoughts and art is the most accessible outlet for me to quiet down the noise. The process of executing a piece without much planning tends to be my most favored approach. Other times I am inspired by concepts, ideas and characters that don’t exist but are in some way an extrapolation of reality, osbservations, or personal experiences.

I use line art as my main form of expression with mediums such as ink and watercolor. With the use of lines I convey my inner most thoughts, emotions, and concepts without hesitation. I prefer black for my linework because of its high contrast quality. Often I find myself avoiding pencil altogether and starting with straight ink or acrylic. It’s an approach I use because of it’s raw and uninhibited nature. The first stroke becomes a commitment: the initial touch of a brush or pen to the surface gives birth to a visual manifestation of the subconscious. Each piece becomes an imprint of my thoughts at any given moment.”